Pilates is the perfect prenatal workout. Pilates safely builds the core muscles or powerhouse neccessary for carrying a growing baby without the risk of backpain or injury that can often accompany pregnancy. For the mommy-to-be, Pilates is an excellent way to tone and strengthen the entire body through modified exercises that are tailored to her specific and ever changing needs while expecting. Feeling refreshed and full of energy, Pilates will help women expecting maintain the stamina needed for delivery. And true to all of our sessions at House Pilates, no two workouts will ever be                                                  the same even for the expectant mommy!













During the post partum time, many new moms suffer from all sorts of aches and pains.  Whether dealing with back, neck or shoulder issues due to bending over while nursing or caring for a newborn, recovering from an aggressive c-section or long difficult delivery, and/or dealing with low energy from the exhaustion of life with a new baby, Pilates can help women find their strength and stamina and pre-baby body once again. Workouts will be tailored to dealing with your individual post partum needs first focusing on strengthening your abdominal muscles that were forced to relax during pregnancy and deliver. Immediately Pilates will help you gain energy, look better and feel better!

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