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"Most forms of exercise focus on the extremities as opposed to the core. That’s like a tree growing long heavy branches without a strong trunk. And we know what happens to such trees when a storm comes by. It took me awhile to understand this and reframe my exercise routine so that I could get a vigorous work out in a way that balanced my body and met my needs as a 56 year old.
 Lana puts this simple idea into practice through her mastery of Power Pilates which she teaches at my home. She is extremely focused, upbeat, articulate, encouraging, and tough – a combination of  Vince Lombardi and Cameron Diaz. She breaks down the exercises into their components and  makes them accessible. As a result of her training, my stability and strength have significantly improved. This includes an enhancement of my daily consciousness and practice  of how to maintain myself during the work day to mitigate the impact of sitting and gravity.
I strongly advocate you take on the challenge and benefits of Lana to home school you in Pilates."
Mitchell R. Julis

Co-Chairman and Co-CEO

Canyon Partners, LLC 

"Pilates has had a tremendous impact on my life. With my demanding work and travel schedules, Pilates has been the only thing I've found that alleviates the stress of it all. Lana shows up bright and cheery with her Saturday morning workouts, which is exactly what I need to help me recover from the hectic work week. She is truly an outstanding teacher and comes highly recommended."

Ron Tutor
Tutor-Saliba Corporation

"I had wanted to practice Pilates for a while and had even tried it on
my own but it wasn't until I met Lana that I became hooked, perhaps
obsessed.  From the first moment that she put me on the torture
devices, otherwise known as the Reformer and the Cadillac etc, I understood what
Pilates was all about.  Lana recognized what my needs were and how my
body could improve and cared about working hard with me to make sure I
got the most out of it.  Her upbeat personality, her enthusiasm for and
knowledge of the true practice of Pilates has played a tremendous role
in keeping me committed to this sometimes grueling workout.  Not to
mention the results are amazing."

Beth Stine

Entertainment Manager

Rain Management Group

"I wasn't sure if I wanted to practice Pilates at first, but Lana's instruction got me hooked and loving it.  She's thoroughly knowledgeable in her field as well as being patient, clear, instructive, caring and personable.  She makes it all seem fun -- even while
she's kicking your ass.  I highly recommend her."

Adam Davidson
"Rome", "Big Love", "Parenthood

I’m in my sixties and found myself feeling weaker every year. Then, my left knee started hurting and swelling when ever I hiked or skied.  I had never been able to be consistent with any exercise or yoga because I made every excuse to miss class, but I felt that I had to do something.

Then I met Lana! Lana comes to my house and with her consistently cheerful smile and no nonsense attitude, she has turned my old body around. The swelling is down in my knee, I feel so much stronger in my upper body and I am sitting straighter at the computer (I spend hours doing budgets).

Thank you Lana, I will continue Pilates forever!

Pam Auer
Line Producer
Red-Horse Native Productions  

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